Access Chicago Realty has more listings, with more accurate data. Why? Because our website has a direct connection to the Multiple Listing Service - the giant online database that all Realtors use to list all of their properties. Realtor members in Chicago are required to post all their listings on the MLS, which updates in real time. That makes the MLS the most timely, most accurate representation of what's for sale. Our website searches the MLS every 15 minutes for new listings and for changes to old ones. That makes us pretty accurate, and pretty complete.

That's not how some other real estate search sites (we'll call them "Zulia") operate. These are known as "3rd-party" real estate sites. The main difference - Realtors don't have to post their listings on these sites. That said, most of them do (sometimes through syndications services that make the service automatic). But the updates don't happen as quickly, and these sites are often littered with outdated information.

So go straight to the source. Search the most accurate, most up-to-date real estate data. View it alongside insights from our expert local agents on